True Crime Legends is a cinematic board game for 3-4 players that takes 60-90 minutes to play. Lead rival syndicates competing to control the lucrative and dangerous markets of the underworld. Players take turns buying valuable Assets, hiring legendary Characters, smuggling Contraband, dealing with Events and taking actions against each other to build up their Syndicate’s fortunes and prestige.



Be the first player to reach $1M with an active Boss


With destruction comes creation, with chaos comes order, with death there shall be re-birth”

Somewhere in the mid 20th Century….

A secret organization exists in America with unrivaled global riches and power. They have overthrown governments, financed coups and structured the world’s top criminal organizations with themselves at the very summit of the mountain, profiting from any possible illegal activity from every cloaked and blood soaked corner of an unclean and corrupt world.

Controlled for decades by a single man, a shadow, a beast whose very name is spoken only in hushed whispers. Rich beyond dreams, ruthless, calculated; here sits an underworld godfather whose mind has finally become polluted by paranoia, plagued by the demons that he has unleashed upon his own kin and awash with a thirst for one last bloody farewell. Using his endless resources and reach he sees nations to civil war, criminal organizations to financial ruin and the rigid systems that glued the fabric of the underworld ripped apart.

Out of this turmoil emerge deadly hitmen, ready to collect on the lucrative bounties he has offered for blood and ambitious mobsters looking to cement their own legacies in the vacuum of power. New allegiances begin to form and soon organisations start to rise out of the ashes looking to recruit only the most hungry and ruthless criminals, forge international partnerships and control lucrative smuggling routes. All the while new bosses have their eyes firmly fixed on the ultimate prize; for nearing his inevitable journey to a world orchestrated by the devil, the godfather will pass on his poisoned chalice to the one who can rise from the chaos to become the…… True Crime Legend.